Best Hong Kong Travel Guide

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Hong Kong is one of the most sought-after tourist spots on earth, welcoming over 25 million tourists annually. If you’re considering traveling there but unsure what there is to see there, this guide is your perfect starting point!

Hong Kong is not just a concrete jungle

Hong Kong is one of the largest cities in the world, boasting more than 1,000 high-rise structures. Although located on such a small piece of land, many assume all they will see in Hong Kong are skyscrapers and buildings; in reality however, more than three quarters of Hong Kong’s area consists of unspoiled rural land than concrete structures.

There are national parks, beaches, hiking trails and mountains all close by the bustling city – not forgetting an ocean park that lies just offshore!

Transport is super cheap

Hong Kong boasts one of the most efficient public transportation systems worldwide. Not only can it transport quickly, but its effectiveness has made public transport relatively cost-effective – particularly Hong Kong’s MTR (Subway network) which stands out for being both well-known and economical means of getting around.

Alternative transportation modes available to you for exploring this vast city include buses, ferries or trams.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Hong Kong provides more entertainment than you could ever dream of! Whatever will keep you amused and at ease is sure to be found within its borders – from night clubs and sailing vessels, to dining out on local cuisine and partying until dawn in one of Hong Kong’s clubs! The city offers everything from unique fun experiences to exciting clubs where one can dance the night away!

Hong Kong will never disappoint when it comes to things to do and see! With endless entertainment, sightseeing and activities on offer you are never without something interesting or entertaining to do during your stay here.

Drink as much as you like.

There are no laws limiting alcohol consumption beyond having a legal drinking age; therefore you can take any bottle of your favorite wine or scotch any time and enjoy drinking all day without fear. Even drinking in public is not considered illegal – you are perfectly within your rights to enjoy multiple glasses on the beach while sipping an adult beverage of choice!

English is well known by many people.

English is widely understood by a variety of individuals.

Hong Kong was once under British colonial control and many residents speak English as their first language. If language barrier concerns are keeping you from having the vacation of your dreams, don’t fret too much: just relax!

Not many Chinese speak Mandarin fluently; Cantonese is more widely spoken on the island. English will still serve you well in urban environments where street signs may contain both versions.

The airport.

Hong Kong International Airport is easily accessible, offering direct flights from almost every region around the globe. Chek Lap Kok International Airport currently handles over 1000 daily flights that travel to over 200 different destinations worldwide.

As an added convenience, Hong Kong’s efficient subway system takes only 24 minutes from an airport to reach its center city, offering fast service at every airport no matter if you are arriving or departing the city.


This guide goes far beyond other guides by offering local knowledge and dispelling any myths associated with Hong Kong island. By adhering to its advice, your trip should go off smoothly!