Five Things You Need to Know About National Day Golden Week

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Five Things You Need to Know About National Day Golden Week

The Chinese national day is an important day to celebrate the country’s independence and its emergence as a nation state. To commemorate the birth of the People’s Republic of China the National Day holiday is celebrated each year on October 1st-7th. Chinese citizens have a seven-day celebration from October 1st through 7th, which is known as the golden week. In the course of these celebrations, a variety of events are organized across the country, with a particular focus in Beijing to commemorate the celebrations. This is a national holiday that symbolizes the unity of the nation and an opportunity to honour the predecessor’s contribution as well as look ahead to a successful and bright future.

Ceremony to raise the flag

One of the activities performed during the national day golden week is the raising of flags ceremony held at Tian’anmen Square. In this ceremony the guards of the national fag March in tight order from the Tian’anmen gate. An anthem chorus is performed to stir hearts, and arms are saluted. The Tian’anmen Square ceremony draws more people than normal.

Parade of the military

The parade of the military, which showcases China’s military power and lasts approximately 66 minutes, is another occasion that occurs during the gold week of national day. This parade and display is held to honor the nation’s humiliation and to remember the martyrs of revolution, and to strengthen the nation’s cohesion and unity.

Event gala

The national day event gala is held on the theme of celebrating the nation’s mother and the contemporary era, and is performed by various music, dances and celebrations. This celebration helps to bring an atmosphere of joy and allows everyone Chinese people feel a sense of patriotism.

Celebrations for the anniversary

To commemorate the martyrs who died in the struggle for freedom in China The communist party’s top leaders and status leaders offer flowers to the monument to the people’s heroes in their anniversary activities. Overseas Chinese communities participate in parades and other festivities during the celebrations.

Interesting Details About China’s National Day


The calendar for the national holiday golden week differs in China. It is the longest public holiday in the calendar year for mainland China.

Decorated streets

Every public institution and government departments display and hang lanterns in their shops or shops in the streets to celebrate the national day, and a week of golden light. In order to mark and symbolize the celebrations marking the day of national celebration Potted plants are erected in the main square.


A large number of Chinese tourists journey across China to celebrate the holiday and visit resorts. The number of tourists is increasing dramatically and in huge amounts each year. You would be amazed at the sheer number of tourists visiting the popular attractions in China if you were to teach English in China.


Shopping at China’s numerous malls can be done during the celebrations. The shopping malls are often full since many people spend shopping for decorations, food products and drinks to celebrate the occasion. A variety of items and products are sold in shopping centers, along with special holiday deals and discounts to attract customers.


Hotels are often packed to the brim and demand is higher during the national holiday golden week due to China’s massive number of visitors. Plan your hotel, flight, or train ticket ahead of time to avoid paying cost increases due to increasing demand.

China is a country that offers many opportunities as well as a rich and diverse culture. It also offers wonderful holiday celebrations and events that expats, foreigners, and Chinese can take part in, whether they are visiting China to find teaching jobs or just to visit their loved ones. The festivals, amazing culture and popular tourist destinations will make for a a memorable and rewarding experience.