Top job opportunities for students in Malta?

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Around 80-90 000 international students visit Malta each academic year to study and live on the beautiful Mediterranean island-country. But school is not the only thing. Many people would be open to exploring job opportunities. Some people are looking to settle quickly and find a job, while others prefer flexible work hours and less time. What are the best job opportunities for international students in Malta?

It’s not the same for students from EU and non-EU countries.

Students who are not citizens of the European Union must spend at least 13 weeks on the island before they can start working. Non-EU students can only work 20 hours per week in order to avoid being exploited on the labour market.

However, if you are from the EU, you will be able to find work. There will be less restrictions on your ability to find work and generate income.

What are the top international students doing?

For those who are relocating from overseas, they must be able to speak English to access good job opportunities. Italian-speakers are also in demand, but English is the second national language and the preferred choice for business communication in Malta.

English is a requirement to work in a restaurant, international company, as a customer service agent or any other job. Many international students opt to work in the service industry, such as waiters at restaurants or bartenders in cafes and beach clubs. There are many positions available in hotels due to the large number of staff needed.

You can also expect to see many students working in customer service or entry-level administrative positions in Malta due to the large number of international HQ’s and subsidiaries of large corporations. These are not the only jobs available, but students and young specialists can fill these roles, just as in many other countries.

Career-focused path

It’s now time to examine two options when looking for a job as a student in Malta. You must decide whether you are looking for a job that pays the highest income and offers flexible working conditions, or one that is more promising in the future.

If you chose the latter, it is time to search for job ads online on LinkedIn and Facebook. It should not surprise that students will find rewarding career opportunities in Malta, with over 90,000. businesses registered there.

It’s rare that you will find a job with high-paying career opportunities in the future. These jobs are usually only available to interns and applicants who can work 20-hour days. You may need to settle in Malta while you do your best and try to find a job. If this is not something you are interested in, we have other suggestions.

You want a steady income immediately

Many students don’t immediately want to be managers or office workers. Most entry-level jobs offer average to poor compensation, so most people choose to look for other opportunities.

Taxi airport Malta driver is the most flexible job and offers the highest compensation. Extra drivers are needed for ride-sharing and carpooling apps. You don’t need any previous qualifications and can drive from one point to another and make money.

This job pays for the work you do. Salary-wise, it is more dependent on you than being defined in a contract.