5 Best Train Vacations You Should Take Before Summer’s End

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5 Best Train Vacations You Should Take Before Summer’s End

It’s okay to put off your summer rail adventure, even if you have already planned it. There are still many options for those who wish to enjoy a warm summer escape. Train Vacations For more getaway ideas, check out our website. These five rail vacations can be tried for size.

Rails to Grand Canyon

You are in for a spectacular scenic ride from the City of Angels to Grand Canyon. As you head over to Arizona, board Amtrak at Los Angeles. Enjoy the stunning scenery of America’s Southwest! Next stop: The Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You can travel to the Canyon’s South Rim on the Grand Canyon Railway, where you will find many wonderful sights. You can spend another full day exploring the wonders of this magnificent place and enjoying the stunning scenery and fresh mountain air. This is a trip you’ll remember for many years.

Niagara Falls Ultimate Getaway Roundtrip: New York

Niagara Falls has been synonymous with romance. This roundtrip rail vacation to New York from New York, which lasts four days and is three nights, will take you to one of the most popular waterfalls in the entire world. There is more to Niagara Falls today than ever. You can ride into the basin right in front the Falls on a sightseeing cruise. From the Skylon Tower, you can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of the Falls. That’s not all. For a Niagara Falls experience, you can spend a morning on a top-rated golf course, visit the botanical Gardens, enjoy wine tastings, or have a candlelit dinner at a famous restaurant. Summer months bring the Falls to life with a spectacular light and firework display.

Grand National Parks of the Southwest

On this seven-day rail trip from Chicago, you will discover five of Utah’s most beautiful national parks – Arches Canyonlands Zion, Zion, Bryce and Capitol Reef. You will be treated to spectacular sightseeing tours of each park as well as stunning views of the unique geography surrounding the park. These include the striking arches, pinnacles and balanced rocks and fins you might only have seen in photos. Amazing views all year round, with plenty of sunshine, this vacation offers relaxation and great fun!

Northern Rail Experience

Enjoy the scenic rail journey between Chicago and San Francisco that takes you through the beautiful great plains in the Midwest to the calm waters of California’s Pacific Coast. There is also a stop in Seattle. You will be able to enjoy the scenery as you travel along large portions of the Lewis and Clark trail. Enjoy a hop on, hop off Train Vacations sightseeing tour through Seattle. San Francisco is a city full of amazing sights. Enjoy some time in Sausalito or Muir Woods. You’ll then return to “Windy City,” on one of the most stunning train trips in North America.

New Orleans Ultimate Getaway Train Vacations Roundtrip: Chicago

You’ll find the best of The Big Easy’ waiting for you. Enjoy a scenic train ride through America to begin your journey. After crossing beautiful farmland and passing lazy rivers, you’ll arrive in New Orleans. You will find a diverse mix of cultures and styles in New Orleans. You can spend some time in the French Quarter exploring and listening to jazz music. The Creole Queen Paddle Wheeler offers a scenic cruise on the Mississippi River. You can experience the beautiful beauty of Southern Louisiana from a swamp boat. The New Orleans VISITicket Multi Day Power Pass gives you access more than 25 top “NOLA” attractions like the Audubon Aquarium. New Orleans is a city that offers endless adventures!

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