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This Milos, Greece travel guide can help you make the right decision about when and where to stay.

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Milos has over 70 beautiful beaches and volcanic scenery. It is home to only 5,000 residents. Although Milos is less visited than Mykonos and Santorini, it still has the white-washed villages that are so famous in the Cyclades and its colorful sunsets.

Milos, Greece, is about halfway between Athens & Crete. It is ideal for couples and adventurous travelers who want to plan their own adventures. It is easy to navigate the island, and there are many hidden gems that can be discovered.

When is the best time to visit Milos

Milos is best visited in spring and fall. July and August are the most popular months for tourism in Greece. Travelling in the shoulder seasons is a great way to beat the heat and crowds.

Winter is a time when tourism slows down. While snow is almost non-existent, it can still get cold. It is possible to travel to Milos during winter, but be aware of the cooler temperatures and limited activities.

  • The Climate in Milos
  • Milos has a Mediterranean climate that is pleasant and warm no matter the season.
  • As I said, winter can be chilly and there is a greater chance of rain. Summer is hot and humid.

How to get to Milos

  • You can easily get to Milos by plane or ferry.

You can book a ferry ticket at any of the local travel agencies or Adamas upon arrival. I flew to Milos from Athens, then took the ferry to Santorini from Milos.

Remember that ferry schedules are heavily affected by weather conditions and can be very windy in Greece. You should plan your trip around the islands in accordance with wind conditions. If this is an issue, book a flight as soon as possible.

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  • Milos: How to Get Around

There is a bus that can take you to most of the top spots around Milos. However, I recommend renting a car or a motorcycle or ATV. You will be able to travel around the island on your own schedule and not be restricted by the bus schedule.

ATVs can be driven on main roads. However, you should be considerate of traffic and allow them to pass you as you will likely be moving slower than cars.

It was difficult to get used to driving on Milos due to its small roads. I rented a car for solo travel because I have a little bit of anxiety about driving. I was fine.

You should get a map that is accurate and follow the main roads. Google maps is not a good choice. It will lead you to dead ends and dirt roads. This is my personal experience.

  • Adamas Village

Adamas, the largest village on Milos, is the ideal place to stay because it offers many restaurants, accommodation options, and shopping opportunities. I was on the island for a few days and stayed in Adamas. I found it to be a very convenient location.

The highly-rated Hotel Meltemi in Adamas is budget-friendly and offers air-conditioning as well as a breakfast buffet. You can also check out Hotel Capetan Giorgantas, which features a seasonal pool and an airport shuttle. Alternativ, you can also choose from a variety of Airbnb options in Adamas.

  • Kilma Village

Klima is the perfect place to stay for a charming fishing village and an authentic Greek experience. There are no organized tours, so it’s quiet. Kilma has a lot more color than the other villages. You can also take amazing photographs of the harbor at the golden hour. If you don’t own a car, Trypiti is the nearest bus stop to Kilma. It’s quite a hike to get there. You can rent an Airbnb in Kilma right on the water!

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  • Trypiti Village

This little village perched on a hill was a delight and I would love to stay here for a few nights. Photos of the white windmills lining the hill at the outskirts will likely identify Trypiti — they are iconic!

Apart from the windmills and ancient amphitheatre, Trypiti also has the Early Christian Catacombs at Milos, the Ancient Amphitheatre, and the Greek Orthodox Church.

  • Pollonia Village

Pollonia, located in the northeast corner of Milos is a small fishing village with cute whitewashed homes, shops and restaurants. This is the most peaceful spot on the island. I highly recommend visiting it, taking a seat at one of their seaside restaurants and enjoying the serene atmosphere.

You can start your journey to the island of Kimolos from Pollonia, as there are daily ferry connections.

Most Popular:

  • Plaka Village

Plaka, capital of Milos can get very crowded but it is super cute and well worth a visit. You’ll find yourself surrounded by whitewashed buildings, restaurants, museums, castles, and other tourist attractions. Every few feet, you will be stopping for great photos.

  • Barriello in Trypiti

Barriello is the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful restaurant experience and the most beautiful sunset views. Barriello’s food comes from its own farm and is organic.