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Restaurant is known for its beer and Bottomless beers

Tap 42 Craft Kitchen & Bar is a South Florida institution with eight locations, from Doral to Boca Raton. It’s now coming to Kendall. The bar and restaurant, which is known for its delicious brunches and 42 beers on tap will open their ninth location at the Palms at Town & Country Center, Kendall. The former Cadillac Ranch space will be taken over by the new restaurant and bar. Alex Rudolph, partner and vice president for development, said that Kendall has been a popular market for the brand for many years and that having a separate building with a covered patio on the lake was a great opportunity.

Tap 42’s Prohibition Burger 

The Kendall restaurant is the brand’s largest space at 7,850 square feet. You will find familiar dishes like chicken lettuce wraps and short rib sliders as well as sandwiches and entrees such as the Salmon Zen Bowl, which includes pan fried rice, vegetable stirring fry, truffle miso glaze, toasted sesame, and salmon Zen bowl. Weekly specials are also available, as well as the $25 bottomless brunch, which is offered every weekend between 11 and 3 p.m., with mimosas and bloody marys, Funky Buddha Floridian, and 42 Hazy Day. Tap 42’s Prohibition Burger will be half-off on Mondays for meat lovers. Tap 42’s first location, located on Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, was a huge success when it opened in 2011. You can also find locations in Aventura and Doral, Midtown Miami (Midtown Miami), Coral Gables Coral Springs, Davie, Boca Raton, Midtown Miami, Doral, Midtown Miami, Coral Springs, Davie, Davie, and Midtown Miami.

Tap 42 Location in Fort Lauderdale

South Florida’s brew scene is steadily growing. While Broward County is not far from Miami, Tap 42 brothers Blaise and Sean insist on spreading the love. According to the Broward News Times, the duo are currently working on opening a new location in Coral Gables. However, the brothers will soon open a second Boca location. The brothers will also be adding a Mexican concept to the north portion of their Tap 42 location in Fort Lauderdale.

Local breweries in South Florida have made great strides, from Miami’s Wynwood Brewing Co to Fort Lauderdale’s Funky Buddha (check out their profiles on Across the Bar). Tap 42 (Fort Lauderdale), LoKal (Coconut Tree), World of Beer and The DRB, among others, show that craft beer is on the rise and has been accepted in a world of sugary cocktails and mojitos.

Cici and David, a couple from the same city, decided to team up with Kush, a friend and LoKal founder to celebrate. Miami Brew Bus is the beer lover’s dream project. It focuses on high-quality brewery tours in South Florida and provides safe transportation to all stops.

Tap 42 and Funky Buddha Brewery have merged to create a buzz that is similar to the excitement of hearing Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt together.

You can now taste it as the 42 Truths Florida Pale Ale collaboration craft beer will be released at Tap 42 Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday and Thursday in Boca Raton. The beer will also be available at Funky Buddha Oakland Park after the release.

This is the first beer to fly Tap 42’s flag. The popular tavern is opening its next location in Coral Gables in January-February. Funky Buddha’s beer is prominently displayed on Tap 42’s wall of taps, while the Floridian has been a regular feature of the Sunday brunch menu.

“They approached us about this and it was just the right fit. Alex Rudolph (Tap 42’s vice-president of operations) says that they are truly the best in business. 42 Truths is an American classic pale ale at 5.55 ABV with a hint orange, Rudolph says.


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