Why Choose Artificial Flowers?

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Faux flowers require very minimal or no maintenance at all, including dusting and sweeping. Even those sensitive to pollen won’t experience an allergic reaction from using faux blooms in their home decor. Tianjin Handicrafts of blush Co., Ltd is located within one of China’s premier artificial wedding flowers production centers: Tianjin Handicrafts of blush Co. Ltd is home to an abundance of artificial flowers for from this website production needs and more than two decades of expertise make us one of the Click here top local producers and wholesalers.

Here are the other benefits of artificial flowers:


Artificial flowers have come a long way since first becoming available. From silky soft floral arrangements to vibrant bouquets, contemporary faux blooms look more realistic than ever.

Ease of Use

Artificial flowers are much simpler to display than real ones, and you can leave the vase of floral arrangements anywhere in your room without the need for sunlight or watering.


The price of fresh flowers depends on the season and availability in your region, if you want specific blooms for an occasion or celebration you could consider artificial floral arrangements as a cost-cutting measure; or invest in ongoing arrangements which you’ll reuse again later.

Versatile Designs

Artificial flowers allow you to experiment with versatile designs for any special event or season, such as using artificial white hydrangeas with real lavender stems and white lilacs for spring decorations or real yellow azaleas mixed with citrus fruits as an elegant summer centerpiece for your table.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Flowers

Below we offer answers to some of your frequently asked questions about artificial and real flowers.

What Artificial Flowers Look the Most Realistic?

Blush Rose artificial flowers are meticulously handcrafted by an expert team to replicate natural blooms as closely as possible. Each piece varies slightly, creating unique arrangements.

How To Decorate Your Home With Artificial Flowers?

Place them on lounges, tables and entranceways using colors inspired by nature. Arrange them in beautiful containers such as clear vases baskets made of wicker or metal buckets which can be updated every season to reflect their new appearance. Alternatively, arrange them near real plants in your yard so that the illusion becomes even more realistic.

What Are the Different Types of Artificial Flowers?

Artificial flowers come in stems, bouquets and ready-made arrangements sold commercially. Their construction involves different substances that add durability and realism such as foam, polyester paper, plastic and silk for realistic looking arrangements.

Can Artificial Flowers Be Used Outside?

Decorating outdoor spaces using artificial flowers requires special consideration to avoid weather-related damages and prolonged display times of at least three months per year, to maintain their beauty for as long as possible.

How to clean Artificial Flowers?

Weekly dusting

As with other interior decor, artificial flowers require regular dusting in order to remain looking their best. A gentle brushing with an Electrostatic duster from Bunnings will quickly remove dust without harming any flower arrangements.

Hairdryer or Air Compressor

Dust that accumulates in cracks and crevices requires a different kind of air blower than what we usually use for gardening purposes; we suggest using either a hairdryer or air compressor instead, set at extremely low temperature and slow air speed for best results. While using either option, be careful when blowing air over flower arrangements – higher settings could damage flowers! Another option would be an air compressor; just be mindful when blowing air over arrangements similar to with hairdryers!

At 30 cm or greater, use air on flowers to remove dust. We advise starting at a far distance before gradually approaching until finding an optimal distance where an air compressor works effectively while not damaging the arrangement. When placing an arrangement securely in its vase vase to prevent possible toppleover and damage.

Baby Wipes or Damp Cloth

Clean the artificial flowers you own using baby wipes or damp towel to gently maintain them. If any signs of dirt, dust, or stubborn debris appear on them, use either one to carefully wipe away. Pay careful attention not to pull or pinch petals during this process and enjoy long lasting beauty from Your Real Touch Artificial Flowers with some regular care and maintenance!